Lịch phát sóng Star World 9/9/2017

00:45Life in Pieces : Awkward Automated Bra Ordained
01:10Life in Pieces : Dirtbike Old Mechanic Earthquake
01:40Welcome to Sweden : Breakups
02:05Welcome to Sweden : Separate Lives
02:35Desperate Housewives : You Must Meet My Wife
03:30Empire : Absent Child
04:25MasterChef US : Chopsticks and Pasta
05:20MasterChef US : The MasterChef Returns
06:10Australia’s Next Top Model : Paintbox
07:05Australia’s Next Top Model : Joy Luxe
08:00Amazing Wedding Cakes : Platinum Princess, Guitar, Orchid
08:50MasterChef US : Chopsticks and Pasta
09:45MasterChef US : The MasterChef Returns
10:402 Broke Girls : And the Himmicane
11:052 Broke Girls : And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles
11:352 Broke Girls : And the Riverboat Runs Through It
12:002 Broke Girls : And the Stalking Dead
12:302 Broke Girls : And the Emergency Contractor
12:552 Broke Girls : And the Turtle Sense
13:25The Great Indoors : Mason Blows Up
13:50The Great Indoors : Paul’s Surprise
14:20Bolt of Talent : Bolt Of Talent, 3
14:45Bolt of Talent : Bolt Of Talent, 4
15:15Harry Specials : 72-“24 Legacy”Star Corey Hawkins,Super Bowl Pulled
16:10Doubt : Poison Prize
17:05Kevin Can Wait : Quiet Diet
17:30Speechless : M-A–May-Jay!
18:00The Great Indoors : Mason Blows Up
18:30The Great Indoors : Paul’s Surprise
19:00Harry Specials : 72-“24 Legacy”Star Corey Hawkins,Super Bowl Pulled
20:00Crazy Ex-Girlfriend : When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?
21:00MasterChef US : Chopsticks and Pasta
22:00MasterChef US : The MasterChef Returns
22:55Once Upon a Time : A Bitter Draught
23:50Once Upon a Time : The Other Shoe